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Bronchoscopy is an investigation performed by respiratory physicians. Dr Chapman performs bronchoscopy at the Luton and Dunstable University hospital for NHS and private patients. Private patients have their procedure done through the Cobham Clinic at the hospital but you may be seen and assessed at Pinehill hospital or Spire Harpenden hospital for the procedure.


The procedure involves passing a thin 'scope' through the nose or mouth and down into the lungs, looking at the large airways. It is done under sedation with anaesthetic also used to ensure comfort.


The procedure allows samples of secretions or tissue to be taken under direct vision in order to investigate a particular problem.


The procedures take about 20-30minutes but allow a few hours to be prepared for the test and to recover from the sedation after.


Please ensure someone is able to take you home if you have the sedation and that you have not had anything to eat or drink for 6 hours prior to the test. Inform Dr Chapman if you are taking any medication that can 'thin the blood'.


Further information about the test is available on the Bupa website and website.

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