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Dr Chapman has access to a complete range of investigation and management services, some of which are detailed below.


Spirometry is performed in the clinic at the time of your appointment. It involves forced expiration which is repeated several times to ensure an accurate result.


This is an important test in respiratory medicine, and is used as an initial investigation as well as a method to monitor the progress or improvement of some diseases.

Bronchoscopy is an investigation done under sedation using a special type of camera (bronchoscope). This is passed through the nose or mouth to look into the main airways of the lungs.Samples can then be taken if necessary.


This is conducted by Dr Chapman at the Luton and Dunstable hospital. See here for further information.

Skin Prick Test

Skin prick testing is used to assess allergy. Specific solutions of the material you may be allergic to are placed as drops onto the skin. A very fine 'prick' of the top layer of skin introduces the allergen. A reaction is then looked for in the surrounding skin.


This test takes 20 minutes.

The home sleep study is a test where the equipment is provided, with instruction, for use in your own home. The idea is to replicate your own sleep environment whilst the test is undertaken, to optimise test accuracy.


Dr Chapman will arrange this for you if you require this.

Full Lung Function

This is a specialist set of investigations to investigate the airways and the lung tissue. It also assesses the ability of the lung to pass gases from the air we breath into your blood stream. 



Endo-bronchial Ultrasound is an advanced investigation. This involves a special type of bronchoscope which is passed through the mouth. It allows accurate sampling of glands (nodes) or tissue that is just outside the main airways.


This is conducted by Dr Chapman at the Luton and Dunstable hospital. See here for further information.

CT Scan

If you require an X-Ray or CT scan, this will be ordered by Dr Chapman and will be performed at the hospital of your choice.


The images are reported by a specialist radiologist, with the report sent to Dr Chapman prior to your next appointment.

Pleural Ultrasound

Thoracic ultrasound is required as part of the assessment of pleural disease.


This also allows a sample of fluid to be taken under image guidance if necessary.

Exercise Spirometry

This investigation assess your lung function during exercise. It is performed with cardiac technicians as well as lung technicians so that the heart under exercise is assessed at the same time.


This test is conducted at the Luton and Dunstable hospital if you require it.

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