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What patients say about Dr Chapman...

"You have organised and looked after my care in an amazing way. You have gone above and beyond your duty of care to me... I will be forever grateful."

"I feel I can trust him to look after me and my illness. I have complete confidence in him and feel safe in the fact I know he will do all he can to help me cope with my illness and give me the best possibhle advice and care."

"Very caring and considerate. How I would like all doctors to be."

"My care has been exceptional."

"Friendly and takes time to explain medical terms so you can understand what is going on."

"You were such a help and comfort."

"I am always at ease and fully satisfied with my visits even when i have great health issues."

"A big thank you for getting me home... It is my birthday today and I'm lucky to be alive."

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